Charcoal face mask

Pamper your skin with a charcoal face mask! At Official Esmee you will find skincare products that keep skin in top condition, here the charcoal mask is a real addition. The charcoal face mask in suitable for sensitive and blemished skin. With this mask, impurities will become a thing of the past and you will walk out the door radiant again!

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What is a charcoal face mask?

A charcoal face mask is a mask made for remedying blemished skin. The charcoal mask is a black jelly-shaped mask that you apply to blemished areas on the face. The mask contains charcoal powder that ensures that blackheads and pimples are removed from the skin.

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How a charcoal mask works

Charcoal is a natural product originally used to get rid of toxins. Now, this action is carried on as a face mask on the skin. The charcoal in the charcoal face mask is activated carbon that acts as a magnet for impurities in the skin. This not only ensures that pimples and blackheads are removed, but also extracts dirt and fats from the skin. So using the charcoal face mask not only takes care of the surface of the skin, but also the impurities underneath.

How should the mask be used?

For the charcoal face mask to have its maximum effect, we recommend creating a routine. Before applying the mask to the face, we recommend washing the face first. Preferably with lukewarm water to soften the skin. Dry the face and apply the charcoal face mask to the skin. Avoid contact with the eyes here! Leave the mask on for about 30 min, so that it is well connected to the skin everywhere. After these 30 min, you can gently feel for yourself with your fingers if the mask is dry. Once the mask is dry, you can carefully peel the mask off the face. Wash the residue off with lukewarm water.

Aftercare for the face

It is important to take care of your skin with a nourishing serum after the charcoal face mask. Our Vitamin C Serum is perfect to use, protecting your skin from environmental influences.

Buy the charcoal face mask today!

Do you want to get rid of those impurities on your face? Then buy the charcoal face mask today! If you have any questions about this mask, contact us!

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