Charcoal scrub

Say goodbye to blemishes with a charcoal scrub! Official Esmee is ready to give your sensitive skin the best care. With a charcoal scrub, you will ensure a deep cleansing of the face, which will also get rid of oily areas on the face. Skin will glow more with this charcoal scrub!

Houtskool scrub

How the scrub works

The activated charcoal in the scrub helps target pores. Blackheads and pimples will be removed, due to the absorption content of the scrub. This not only addresses the surface, but also evens out the underlying skin. Due to the small grains in the scrub, it will move flexibly over the skin and remove impurities. After using the charcoal scrub, you will find that the skin feels silky smooth.

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Using the scrub

It is important to know how to use the charcoal scrub. This is because the moment the cleansing is not done properly, the skin will deteriorate rather than improve. So start by cleansing your face first. Remove make-up residues and moisten the face with lukewarm water. Now apply the charcoal scrub to the face and gently massage the face and possibly the neck. After the entire face has been scrubbed, rinse with lukewarm water. For best results, we recommend applying the vitamin C face serum to the face after exfoliating.

Keep in mind to use other skincare products!

Be careful not to use too many skincare products at once. The scrub works to dry out your skin, so other forms of skin dehydration should be avoided. In case of temporary use of medication for acne, the scrub will actually cause dryness or irritation. Is this the case? Then we recommend instead balancing skin care products like Aloe vera gel and serum.

Take advantage of the charcoal scrub!

Do you want blackheads and pimples to become a thing of the past? Then add the charcoal scrub in your skincare regime! Do you have any questions about the product? Then we will be happy to help you! Give your skin a fresh look again with the charcoal scrub from Official Esmee!

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